Montag, 2. Mai 2011

Working placement Monmouthshire

The house where Alex, a guy from Liechtenstein, a girl from Belgium and I are living in

Now the day has come where we have to go to our working placements.
Alexander and I have to work in a youth organization all over Monmouthshire which is far away from our classmates. Nearly 3 hours by car. But the drive went to a beautiful landscape. 

Monmouthshire is an area like the Märkischer Kreis in Germany.
Our main function is to organize a football tournament between all youth centres in this area and to form a team in the Abergavenny youth centre which we have to train 3 times a week.
Some other functions are to take care of the children who are in the youth centre and to do some sport activities with groups of children like mountain biking, climbing and go carting.
As well we also have to do administrative work.

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