Montag, 2. Mai 2011


Another Highlight during my working placement was caving.
On a Sunday evening three friends of mine and myself went into a dark cave just with a lighter on our helmet.
There we had to climb up some crags, crawl through very tight passages, go through water and so on.
Maybe it was a bit dangerous but a really great fun :)
Very happy and exciting

The adventure starts

It's starting to become tight

Everything is fine :)

It's time for a group picture

Hello =) It's becoming really tight


During the Easter holidays my parents came over to visit me and we spent a week in London.
London is a very impressive and massive city with a lot of places of interest and a lot of people.
The most important places of interest are:

The Buckingham Palace

The Tower Bridge

A view down the London Eye
A view down the upper level of the Tower Bridge
The London Eye
The Tower of London
A church in one of the towers
The Big-Ben

The House of Parliament

The Hyde-Park
The Hyde-Park as well

Wedding preperation

The promenade along the Thames

But unfortunately my visit in London is associated with a bad experience.
My sister's bag was stolen in a Pub while all of us 4 were reading the card and nobody recognized the theft.
So everything was gone, like her mobile phone, her id card, her wallet, our hotel cards nearly everything. This is why I had to call the police and had to phone with them for nearly one hour (but it was a good training for the SEW Examiniation ;))
After this we had to go because of her id card to the German embassy, which also was associated with some problems.
But all in all she got her id card and could fly home and all in all it was a really nice trip :)

Working placement Monmouthshire

The house where Alex, a guy from Liechtenstein, a girl from Belgium and I are living in

Now the day has come where we have to go to our working placements.
Alexander and I have to work in a youth organization all over Monmouthshire which is far away from our classmates. Nearly 3 hours by car. But the drive went to a beautiful landscape. 

Monmouthshire is an area like the Märkischer Kreis in Germany.
Our main function is to organize a football tournament between all youth centres in this area and to form a team in the Abergavenny youth centre which we have to train 3 times a week.
Some other functions are to take care of the children who are in the youth centre and to do some sport activities with groups of children like mountain biking, climbing and go carting.
As well we also have to do administrative work.


We also went to Chester, which is a very nice city, with very well remained old roman constructions.
There some classmates and me went all along the town wall round Chester and saw some amazing things.

A nice bridge in Chester
A roman garden

A nice construction in chester's pedestrian zone

A roman garden
The horse racing track

The roman garden as well


On Wednesday we had our day off an visited Liverpool. The Citiy whrere the career of the Beatles began.

The Pedestrian zone as well
The Pedestrian zone in Liverpool

The Beatles Museum

Unfortunately a lot of pictures were erased caused by an technical error like the Pub where the Beatles have had their first arrangement, or the street where they were born.
Shi** happens... 

Language School and Llangollen

The language school starts. Our teacher is a very nice and funny guy as well and it’s a great fun to work with him and my classmates.

Language School

Most of our evenings we spend in pubs and have fun with karaoke or on an open mike where all musicians are allowed to use the stage. This is what Christian and I did as well and performed a german song “Freiheit” from Marius Müller Westernhagen. I think the welsh people liked it J
But unfortunately we didn’t have a singer, so the song was just performed with a guitar and a trumpet.
We also went to Dina’s Bran which is a hill with the ruin of the castle of llangollen. Up there you have a great view over Llangollen as well.

Dina's Bran
View over Llangollen
The Ruin
The largest shop name in Llangollen
The nice old train station

The travel adventure

Now the day has arrived. Everything is packed and we are starting our great adventure.
But first we have to drive for nearly 15 hours. This was nearly an adventure in itself.
First it was a really strange feeling to drive on the left hand side. But after a few hours we got used to it.
Another thing was that all navigation systems said different ways and some of us got very confused.
But all in all we arrived very well in llangollen.

So, what will our guest family be like? Will they be nice? Will we like them?
Of course we will. Our landlord Steve is a very nice and funny guy we have a lot of fun with :)
A 2 hours break on the ferry :)
3am we are ready to rumble :)
No, I'm not overtaking, I have to drive on the left ;)