Montag, 2. Mai 2011

The travel adventure

Now the day has arrived. Everything is packed and we are starting our great adventure.
But first we have to drive for nearly 15 hours. This was nearly an adventure in itself.
First it was a really strange feeling to drive on the left hand side. But after a few hours we got used to it.
Another thing was that all navigation systems said different ways and some of us got very confused.
But all in all we arrived very well in llangollen.

So, what will our guest family be like? Will they be nice? Will we like them?
Of course we will. Our landlord Steve is a very nice and funny guy we have a lot of fun with :)
A 2 hours break on the ferry :)
3am we are ready to rumble :)
No, I'm not overtaking, I have to drive on the left ;)

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