Montag, 2. Mai 2011


During the Easter holidays my parents came over to visit me and we spent a week in London.
London is a very impressive and massive city with a lot of places of interest and a lot of people.
The most important places of interest are:

The Buckingham Palace

The Tower Bridge

A view down the London Eye
A view down the upper level of the Tower Bridge
The London Eye
The Tower of London
A church in one of the towers
The Big-Ben

The House of Parliament

The Hyde-Park
The Hyde-Park as well

Wedding preperation

The promenade along the Thames

But unfortunately my visit in London is associated with a bad experience.
My sister's bag was stolen in a Pub while all of us 4 were reading the card and nobody recognized the theft.
So everything was gone, like her mobile phone, her id card, her wallet, our hotel cards nearly everything. This is why I had to call the police and had to phone with them for nearly one hour (but it was a good training for the SEW Examiniation ;))
After this we had to go because of her id card to the German embassy, which also was associated with some problems.
But all in all she got her id card and could fly home and all in all it was a really nice trip :)

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